IL BLOG DI CARMEN – Wherefore art thou Romeo?


Il Blog di Carmen by CARMEN FORWARD è il primo blog australiano ospitato dal nostro Multiblog e, come ormai è tradizione per questo tipo di risorsa, troverai la traduzione italiana delle parole più difficili sia nelle finestrelle che si aprono automaticamente passando il mouse sulle parole colorate che nel vocabolarietto a fondo testo. Inoltre è disponibile l’audio mp3 della risorsa, che ascolterai dalla viva voce dell’autrice! Ti ricordiamo infine che per ascoltare l’audio nella sua integralità devi cliccare sul titolo del blog oppure sulla scritta “Clicca per leggere il seguito del testo” e, successivamente, avviare o riavviare il player audio.


Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Over the weekend I visited Verona, the city where William Shakespeare set his famous play Romeo and Juliet more than 400 years ago.

It was my sheer delight to explore Verona’s main tourist attraction: The House of Juliet.

The crowded courtyard was full of tourists eyes ablaze with the romance of the location. Thousands of romantics had for years made a tradition of vandalising the passageway leading to the entrance either with graffiti or slips of paper proclaiming initials, hearts and today’s dates; fastened with swabs of chewing gum!

To stand on the balcony where the ’star-crossed lovers’ met for the first time and in the same brief moment passionately betrothed each other in marriage? For a hopeless romantic like me? Heaven.

The history behind this tale goes further back than Shakespeare and in fact is claimed to be based on a truth. Whether what occurred was fact or fiction and regardless of the tragic ending Romeo and Juliet’s passionate love continues to live on through our hearts and our imagination.

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MAGIC AUDIO – The Search for Lorna

I Magic Audio sono magici perché la traduzione delle parole ed espressioni più difficili appare “magicamente” facendo passare il mouse sopra le parole colorate. L’audio, invece, lo trovate cliccando sul piccolo lettore multimediale qui in basso!

Autrice: Crystal Jones (nella foto) © 1995-2008
Voce Recitante: Carmen Forward , volontaria di English Gratis


The search for Lorna

Daisy Hamilton was a private detective. She was thirty years old and had been a detective for the past two years. Every morning she went to her office to wait for phone calls or open the door to clients needing her services.

Daisy wasn’t very well known yet but occasionally people telephoned her from the advertisement she put in the local newspaper.

One morning at about eleven o’clock someone knocked on her office door. It was a fat lady who wore a fur around her neck.

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