MAGIC VIDEO – Imparare a Respirare Quando si Canta

I Magic Video sono magici perché la traduzione delle parole ed espressioni più difficili appare “magicamente” facendo passare il mouse sopra le parole colorate. Il video, invece, lo trovate continuando la lettura!


How to Breathe When Singing

In this clip I’m going to talk about the importance of breathing, which is essential to your warm up.

First of all, you know where your lungs are. Beneath your lungs is actually a muscle called the diaphragm which is an elasticy muscle and if you relax your belly, really relax and let it go, that muscle, the diaphragm, relaxes.

>>> And here is a really interesting trick. Nature abhors a vacuum. I don’t know if you remember learning this in 11th grade science but anytime there is an empty vacuum, air goes into anything will fill it up.

If I, for example, just drop my belly – I’m not pushing out but if I drop, air has gone in automatically. I have not breathed in actively, I have breathed in passively which makes for effortless singing. So I’m going to show you that… so, air out and then drop. So, that’s passive breathing.


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How to Breathe: come respirare
When Singing: quando si canta (lett. quando cantando)
I’m going to talk about: parlerò di
breathing: il respirare; il respiro
warm up: esercizio in cui si scalda la voce
lungs: polmoni
Beneath: al di sotto dei
actually: in effetti
called the diaphragm: chiamato diaframma
elasticy: di natura elastica, elastico
belly: pancia
let it go: la lasciate andare
relaxes: si rilassa
And here: ed ecco
trick: trucchetto
abhors a vacuum.: odia il vuoto
learning: di aver imparato (lett. imparando)
11th grade science: lezione di scienze di 11° grado (sistema scolastico americano)
anytime there is: ogni volta che c’è
air goes into anything will fill it up: l’aria entrerà in qualsiasi cosa che serva a riempirlo
just drop my belly: espiro senza forzare (lett. mi limito a far scendere la pancia)
pushing out: spingendo con forza
drop: espiro senza forzare
has gone in: entra
breathed in: inspirato
which makes for: il che consente
effortless singing: di cantare senza sforzo (lett. un canto senza sforzo)
I’m going to show you that: adesso ve lo farò vedere
drop: espirare senza forzare
that’s: questo si chiama (lett. quello è)






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