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Cardio Gymnastics Warm Ups

Cardio Gymnastics Warm Ups.

Hi! I’m Heather McCanna with

In this clip, we will be discussing gymnastics warm-ups, specifically cardio warm-up.

The first thing to do when you’re going to stretch is to make sure that your body is loose and limber.

You need to ensure that this happens by warming up, by getting your blood pumping and by really moving vigorously.

The best way to do this is to jog in place.

If you don’t have an area to actually run around in, such as your own home or a small gym, you can simply jog in place for say 2 or 3 minutes.

>>> The best way to do this is to ensure that your arms are actually getting into the movement of your body, to make sure that you get the best range of motion possible.

Now, try to lift your knees as close to horizontal as you can and continue this for about 2-3 minutes.

Once you finish this, go straight into a high heel kick, in which you let your knees drop down lower and you continue to pull your heels closer to the midsection of your body.

Now, throughout this process, you want to continue moving your arms as vigorously as possible to keep your heart rate up.

After you’ve done both of those for about 2-3 minutes each, you need to go straight into jumping jacks.

Perform about 50-60 of these, making sure that your range of motion is as large as possible and also try to continue breathing at a normal pace.

Try not to talk, as I’m doing here, because it’s best when you warm up to really focus on the exercises that you’re doing.

Whenever you’ve completed 50-60 of these jumping jacks, you should stop, take a deep breath and prepare for your stretches.


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Cardio Gymnastics: Cardioginnastica (per l’esercizio del cuore)           

Warm Ups: esercizi di riscaldamento dei muscoli
we will be discussing
: tratteremo
gymnastics warm-ups
: esercizi di riscaldamento muscolare
cardio warm-up
: cardioginnastica (ginnastica finalizzata al miglioramento della funzionalità cardiaca)
you’re going to stretch
: vi allungherete
loose and limber
: sciolto e rilassato (limber è sinonimo di loose)
You need to ensure
: Dovete essere sicuri
that this happens
: che ciò avvenga
by warming up
: attraverso il riscaldamento
by getting your blood pumping
: attraverso la circolazione del sangue (pompaggio del sangue)
by really moving vigorously
: facendo sei movimenti in modo energico
to jog
: correre (corsa leggera, andatura di corsa leggera)
in place
: sul posto (o da fermi)
: effettivamente
small gym
: piccola palestra
jog in place
: fare jogging da fermi
: diciamo
are actually getting into the movement of your body
: stiano effettivamente seguendo il movimento del vostro corpo
that you get the best range of motion possible
: di avere lo spazio più adeguato per il vostro movimento (che otteniate il miglior ambito di movimento possibile)
to lift
: sollevare
as close to horizontal as you can
: il più possibile in posizione orizzontale
Once you finish this
: Una volta finito questo
go straight into a high heel kick
: andate subito a calciare coi talloni verso l’alto
you let your knees drop down lower
: fate cadere le vostre ginocchia più in basso
to pull your heels
: a tirare i vostri talloni
closer to the midsection
: più vicino alla parte centrale
throughout this process
: in tutto questo processo
you want
: dovete
to keep your heart rate up
: per sostenere il vostro battito cardiaco (il numero di pulsazioni)
you need to go straight
: dovrete passare subito dopo
jumping jacks
: saltelli effettuati aprendo e chiudendo le gambe ritmicamente
: Effettuate
range of motion
: lo spazio disponibile per i vostri movimenti
as large as possible
: quanto più ampio possibile
: respirando
at a normal pace
: a ritmo normale
to really focus
: di concentrarvi veramente
: Ogni volta che
you should stop
: dovete fermarvi
take a deep breath
: respirare profondamente
: allungamenti  



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