MAGIC VIDEO – The Different Forms of Public Speaking

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The Different Forms of Public Speaking

Hi, I’m Don Varney, founder of Varney Speaks, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village.

You know, public speaking is one of those items that so many people get afraid of. There’s such a fear to public speaking. But today, what we’re going to do is address some of the different things that you can do.

For example, you can be a corporate speaker which would go into the actual corporate offices and you’re involved in doing training programs or you’re just doing motivational speaking or helping the others raise up their expectations.

>>> The other type is network speaking where you’re going to be going into networking mixers and you’ll be there and you’ll be your keynote speaker and you may have to speak anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, just depending on the venue that you’re working with.

And then you have, of course, associations and clubs and all the other varieties of speaking.

The ultimate in public speaking would be if you’re a keynote speaker that travels into a major hotel to where you’ll have thousands of people in the audience and you’ll be the one on stage that’s there to move them through a journey in public speaking.


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The Different Forms of Public Speaking = Le diverse forme del parlare in pubblico
on behalf of = per conto di
public speaking = parlare in pubblico
items = cose
that so many people get afraid of = di cui così tanta gente ha paura
such a fear = una tale paura
to = connessa a
ehat we’re going to do = ciò che faremo
address = trattare
corporate speaker = oratore aziendale, comunicatore aziendale
actual ccorporate offices = in quelli che sono gli uffici di un’azienda
you’re involved in = avete a che fare con
training programs =programmi di addestramento
motivational speaking = discorsi fatti per motivare l’uditorio
raise up their expectations = ad innalzare le loro aspettative
network speaking = parlare online
you’re going to be going = andrete
networking mixers = mixer online (ossia quando più persone ognuna collegata dal proprio computer partecipa a una teleconferenza online e ogni partecipante occupa il canale di un mixer audio)
keynote speaker = oratore principale (quando ad una conferenza, ci sono più oratori, quello principale si chiama keynote speaker)
you may have to speak = può darsi che dobbiate parlare
anywhere = una qualsiasi durata (lett. in qualsiasi posto)
depending on =a seconda del
venue = occasione (lett. tipo di ambiente o locale)
that you’re working with = con cui state lavorando
of course = ovviamente
speaking = parlare in pubblico
ultimate = massimo
keynote speaker = oratore principale
travels into a major hotel = raggiunge un importante hotel
the one on stage = la persona sul palco
to move them through a journey in public speaking = per farle vivere un viaggio dentro all’arte del parlare in pubblico (lett. per muoverle attraverso un viaggio nel parlare in pubblico)

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