MAGIC VIDEO – How to Get Paid as a Clown

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How to get paid as a clown

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Paul Anderson from the ABC Circus here in Hollywood, Florida, and we’re going to do “how to be a clown!”

So do you want to be a professional or do you want to be an amateur? Both are equally great. It doesn’t matter whether you charge or whether you do it for free.

That has nothing to do with how good you are. Perhaps you have a full time job, say at a bank, and you only want to perform at a hospital to make the kids in the hospital happy, or at a retirement home.

Those are very honorable things to do. And if you do them without pay, perhaps your reward will be in carmic payback.

>>>Or decide, I want to do it for the money. Well, if you are doing it for the money, make sure that you do it because you love it and your heart’s really in it.

It’s just not about money. It’s because, I have something funny to say and I want to do it for you!



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How to get paid as a clown
: Come farsi pagare per fare il clown (lett. come essere pagati come clown)
On behalf of: per conto di
from the ABC Circus: del circo ABC (lett. dal circo ABC)
we’re going to do: tratteremo l’argomento (lett. faremo)
to be a clown: fare il clown
So: dunque
a professional: un professionista
Both: entrambi
equally: ugualmente
It doesn’t matter whether: non importa se
charge: fate pagare
whether: se
for free: gratuitamente
That has nothing to do: non ha niente a che vedere
how good you are: quanto siete bravi
Perhaps: forse
say: per esempio
to perform: esibirvi
to make the kids in the hospital happy,: per rendere felici i bambini dell’ospedale
retirement home: casa di riposo per anziani
very honorable things to do: cose molto meritorie che si possono fare
without pay: senza essere pagati
reward: ricompensa
in carmic payback: sotto forma di ricompensa “”karmica”” (dottrina secondo cui le buone azioni fatte in questa vita avranno una ricompensa nella nostra prossima esistenza)
Or decide, I want to do it for the money: o decidere che lo volete fare per soldi
Well: Beh
make sure: fate in modo
because you love it: perché vi piace proprio
your heart’s really in it.: e lo fate con passione (lett. il vostro cuore è davvero in ciò)
It’s just not about money: non è una questione di soldi
funny: divertente

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