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- Great Painters
- Accounting
- Fundamentals of Law
- Marketing
- Shorthand
- Concept Cars
- Videogames
- The World of Sports

- Blogs
- Free Software
- Google
- My Computer

- PHP Language and Applications
- Wikipedia
- Windows Vista

- Education
- Masterpieces of English Literature
- American English

- English Dictionaries
- The English Language

- Medical Emergencies
- The Theory of Memory
- The Beatles
- Dances
- Microphones
- Musical Notation
- Music Instruments
- Batteries
- Nanotechnology
- Cosmetics
- Diets
- Vegetarianism and Veganism
- Christmas Traditions
- Animals

- Fruits And Vegetables


  1. AdSense
  2. AdWords
  3. Allinanchor command
  4. AutoLink
  5. BigTable
  6. Blogger
  7. CustomizeGoogle
  8. Deep link
  9. Egosurfing
  10. ElgooG
  11. Eric E. Schmidt
  12. Features of Gmail
  13. French military victories
  14. Froogle
  15. Gmail
  16. GMail Drive
  17. GmailFS
  18. Gmail Mobile
  19. Goobuntu
  20. Google
  22. Google Alerts
  23. Google Analytics
  24. Google and privacy issues
  25. Google Answers
  26. Googlebait
  27. Google Base
  28. Google bomb
  29. Google Book Search
  30. Googlebot
  31. Google Browser Sync
  32. Google Calendar
  33. Google Checkout
  34. Google China
  35. Google Code
  36. Google Code Search
  37. Google consultant
  38. Google Current
  39. Google Desktop
  40. Google Docs Spreadsheets
  41. Google Earth
  42. Google economy
  43. Googlefight
  44. Google File System
  45. Google Finance
  46. Google Foundation
  47. Google Founders' Award
  48. Google generation
  49. Google Groups
  50. Google Hacking
  51. Google Hacks
  52. Google Image Labeler
  53. Google Image Search
  54. 302 Google Jacking
  55. Google juice
  56. Google Labs
  57. Google Language Tools
  58. Google logo
  59. Google Maps
  60. Google News
  61. Google Notebook
  62. Google Pack
  63. Google Page Creator
  64. Google PC
  65. Googlepedia
  66. Google platform
  67. Googleplex
  68. Google Reader
  69. Google Scholar
  70. Google search
  71. Google Search Appliance
  72. Googleshare
  73. Google's hoaxes
  74. Google Summer of Code
  75. Google Talk
  76. Googletestad
  77. Google Toolbar
  78. Google Trends
  79. Google Video
  80. Google Video Marketplace
  81. Google Watch
  82. Google Web Accelerator
  83. Google Webmaster Tools
  84. Googlewhack
  85. Google WiFi
  86. Google X
  87. Googlism
  88. GTalkr
  89. Hello
  90. Hilltop algorithm
  91. History of Gmail
  92. History of Google
  93. I'm Feeling Lucky
  94. Joga Bonito
  95. Keyhole Markup Language
  96. Lawrence E. Page
  97. Link farm
  98. List of acquisitions by Google
  99. List of Google products
  100. MapReduce
  101. Measure Map
  102. Mediabot
  103. Mobile GMaps
  104. Orkut
  105. PageRank
  106. PhpGmailDrive
  107. Picasa
  108. Political Google bombs
  109. PR0
  110. Project 02
  111. Pyra Labs
  112. RoamDrive
  113. Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat
  114. Scraper site
  115. Scroogle
  116. Search engine optimization
  117. SEO contest
  118. Sergey Brin
  119. Urchin Software Corporation
  120. Web traffic
  121. YouTube


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Google generation

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The Google generation is a phrase that has entered popular usage as a shorthand way of referring to a generation whose first port of call for knowledge is the internet and a search engine, Google being the most popular one. This is in distinction to previous generations that grew up and were educated before the widespread availability of the internet, and whose source of knowledge was through books and conventional libraries. Other terms in use for the same age group include "Generation Xbox",[1] the "iPod" generation and the "instant-messaging generation".[2] The distinct characteristics, in terms of habits and expectations, of such people are exerting a strong effect on the fields of academia, commerce, entertainment and libraries.

Effect on institutions

Historic establishments have recognised the need to meet this new reality, and the British Library in London states:

As the Google generation turns to the Library for help, we’re meeting their expectations with increasingly integrated services and a programme of continuous service upgrades.[3]

The need for academic institutions to keep pace with the demands of this generation is not merely a demonstration of expertise but a necessity for survival.[4]


The tensions that can be created by the new outlook of this generation are described:

Students are coming to law school increasingly dependent on computers to serve their research needs. And they expect that computerized legal research will be both more efficient and more effective than book-based research. These expectations place students in conflict with traditionalists who point to the inherent limitations of computer-assisted legal research and the dangers in relying on legal research conducted entirely in electronic databases. These traditionalists favor a "books first," if not a "books only," approach. This paper explores the cultural conflict between the traditionalists and the "Google generation"...[5]

Complaints have been made that the reliance on Google by students has severely compromised their ability for conventional print research, particularly aspects of it that are not significant features of web-based research, such as information hierarchy and even the difference between "index" and "contents".[6]

It has been posited that "As members of the Google generation, today's children have facts at their fingertips" and there is consequently a surfeit of data at the expense of both creative thinking and play.[7]

Many educational institutions have realized that many students tend to copy their assignment since it is easy for them to search for answers to similar questions online. In fact, some students believe that it is acceptable to copy, something that was not considered acceptable by the majority of people growing up only a decade earlier. [8]

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