A TE LA PAROLA – Tips for a romantic break

by SFIORI, volontaria di English Gratis

As the summer approaches and many of us are busy planning and organising our holidays, I would like to share a wonderful experience with you, a night spent in a lighthouse along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Canada is “the land of lighthouses” and along its coasts you can find them everywhere: some of them are still in use (although updated with the latest technology) and some of them are in disuse and have been restored and turned into bed & breakfasts or museums.

Our choice was Brandy Pot Island on the lower part of the St. Lawrence River, in front of the Rivière du Loup: a short boat ride takes you to this tiny island which is a bird sanctuary and is completely uninhabited.

>>>As soon as you arrive, you are offered a light snack on the deck overlooking the lighthouse and the guide explains to you what will happen to you in the next few hours. Soon after that, a brief tour of the island is made in order to discover the most amazing sites that the small island boasts: the grave of an ancient sailor, the wild nature and several paths which you are encouraged to go along later on your own. The lighthouse has been completely renovated and has three bedrooms (3 doubles) and common areas such as the kitchen and the lounge. You can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the fantastic view of the river, maybe at dawn!

The overnight stay also includes a snack on arrival and a delicious meal in the evening (rather early for us at 6pm!). Then the island is all left to us – the group of visitors – with its peace and silence and the birds singing. You can really feel as if you were in a different dimension, far away from everything.

Although it was August , the evening was fairly breezy and after dawn we went back inside to our lovely light-blue bedroom, which had been renovated in perfect 19th century style. The colours and light in the morning were stunning: we sat on the deck after breakfast for nearly an hour trying to impress on our minds the magnificent view and the fragrances, so as to remember them forever.

For more information, go to http://www.duvetnor.com/welcome.htm

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